If you have a moto Z smartphone, chances are you are always on the lookout for new moto mods you can use on your device. But if your budget is a little tight, you might get frustrated. Well if what you’re looking for is a mod that can protect your device and also make room for a credit card or two, then the new moto Folio may be the one for you. At just $11.24 (discounted from the original price of $14.99), it’s the cheapest available mod in the market.

But unlike the other mods that add features and functionalities to your device, this is just a basic folio that can protect your phone from scratches and bumps when you stick it into your bag. It does have a secure magnetic closure so the case will not suddenly pop open and maybe activate your device when you didn’t mean to. Plus, you get an internal card slot so you can stick in that credit card that you want to bring with you everywhere (and you don’t have to bring your wallet if you don’t want to).

Because it’s a moto mod, this means you will have to remove any other moto mods that you may be using in order to use this moto Folio. It will attach to your moto Z device’s rear magnetic connectors, that’s why you can’t use two mods at the same time. It’s available in three colors: Super Black, Grape Juice, and Fine Gold.

You can get the moto Folio from the motorola website for $11.24. We don’t know how long this discounted price will last, so better get it now. It also seems to be available in the US only.

SOURCE: motorola