The Moto E, a possibly lower-cost cousin to the already attractively priced Moto G, has allegedly been spotted. Via Motorola’s Facebook page in Mexico, some enterprising soul caught a pic of what could be the new handset next to a Moto G. A bit more squat and a lot more interesting, the tiny “E” might make a big splash.

What we find is akin to previous Motorola handsets, with a speaker cutout up top and edges a bit more rounded than most other Android handsets. With the pictured handset, we also find a larger bottom cutout, which lends itself to speculation of a front-facing speaker. There is also a prominent slot near the top speaker grill, which could be a front-facing camera along with sensors or flash. This probably isn’t final hardware (if it’s even real), so there is no knowing what Motorola would do with it yet.

The screen is a bit smaller than the Moto G, and the device is a bit chubbier in profile. The bezels are a touch larger, but the screen looks to be just as pleasant as we find with the Moto X and Moto G. Some are pointing to the Motorola logo up top as sign of new branding, but we saw the same when the Moto X was leaked ahead of launch, so that can’t be relied upon to stay.

We should point out this is a million miles from official, so approach it with the appropriate skepticism. The styling is there, and it definitely looks the part, but we’ve all been fooled before. If this really is the rumored “E”, those who are lucky enough to snag one will be getting a stylish handset. Front-facing speakers would be a nice tradeoff for what could be the absence of a front-facing camera, too.

Source: Android Police