Normally, we take it for granted that if you live in the US or a major European country or East Asia, you think you will get the latest Android update first over the rest of the world. But sometimes, the OEM surprises its users, both in a good way and in a bad way, depending on where you’re living. If you’re in India and you have the mid-range Moto E 2nd gen, then it’s definitely good news. Users have said that they’re receiving the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update at the moment.

The long-awaited Marshmallow update has been showing up in several users’ Moto E smartphones and some have been sending screenshots to an online news site. They received the always happy message that a new system software is available and the update file is around 453MB so you better make sure that your Internet is fast enough and that your internal storage is enough as well.

The Moto E 2nd get already has a good battery life, and maybe even better than some of the higher end devices in the market. This will be enhanced all the more by the Doze functionality on the Marshmallow update as it will automatically detect when you’re not active and put your device to temporary sleep, thereby prolonging the device’s life even more.

When Motorola announced that the Moto E was getting a Marshmallow update but only in India, it was met by surprise and more than a little annoyance by users who are obviously not from that region. No word yet if they will change their minds for Moto E users in the US and elsewhere, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

VIA: Android Police