For those that remember or own the MOTO ACTV we have an exciting update to tell you about today. Motorola is all set to soon release their latest update for the do-it-all fitness Android device and we have all the details. The video below courtesy of Motorola might be a bit boring but shares plenty about this exciting new update and more.

For more details on MOTO ACTV feel free to start by looking over our hands-on video and our complete ACTV Guide from the timeline links below. Motorola states the update will become available December 21st but so far we aren’t seeing it live on the MOTO ACTV forums yet. Either way this device just got even more useful not to mention battery saving features that will help it last through an entire marathon.

The new update that should be available starting sometime today will bring plenty of new features and some of those include: 3 new battery modes with normal, extended, and Marathon mode that will last for around 8 hours. They’ve also added stopwatch — a feature I’m amazed wasn’t in the device at launch, and a suite of different timepiece faces to change the look of your clocks. Again the update is scheduled to hit today but our review device isn’t showing anything but most likely this will be a download right from the MOTO ACTV forums linked to below.

For those rocking out with an ACTV let us know how the update goes and what clock face is your favorite.

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[via MOTO ACTV Forums]