Even though your smartwatches are connected to your smartphone or tablet, there are still limits to their “independence” and sometimes, you still need to have your bigger gadgets near you in order for the small one to fully function. The new Moto 360 Sport is saying that you can actually leave your smartphone at home or in the car because your smartwatch has GPS connectivity, becoming only the second Android Wear device to have it, next only to the Sony Smartwatch 3.

Due to its having its own GPS, your Moto 360 Sport becomes more than just a notification device, but rather an actual workout partner, whether you’re brisk walking or running or biking, with no need to be tethered to a smartwatch. It has a seamless connection with Moto Body so you can continuously track your pace, laps, distance traveled and other information crucial to measure your performance. It can also work with other Android fitness apps like Google Fit, Fitbit, MapMyRun, etc.


The smartwatch also has the first hybrid display called Moto Anylight so you can clearly see the screen whether you’re in broad daylight or indoors. It has a strong silicone structure which shouldn’t absorb your sweat while the side ventilation channels will help the device stay cool. it also won’t easily fade or stain, that’s their claim. You can sync your music from Google Play and even if your phone isn’t with you, the music goes on.


When you’re not using it for your workouts, it also functions just like any other notification device. The Moto 360 Sport will first be available in the UK and France by December 18. It will reach the US market by January 7 through the Motorola website and other selected online retailers. By January 10, it will be at Best Buy stores nationwide. SRP is pegged at $299.

SOURCE: Motorola