Motorola, and lead designer of Moto 360 Jim Wicks, have recently wrapped the Meet Moto 360 event. This hangout covered a wide range of topics ranging from battery life, to charging, to whether the watch would work with all Android device and more. To that last point, Wicks did confirm the Moto 360 would work with all devices running Android 4.3 or later. The event also touched on whether the Moto 360 would be good for lefties.

Or more accurately, whether or not the Moto 360 would be good for those who prefer to wear a watch on the right wrist. In simple form, the answer is yes, the Moto 360 is able to be worn on either wrist. Wicks mentioned how this is a smart aspect and a perk of a smartwatch over a regular watch.

Basically, the UI on the Moto 360 will orientate to which ever way the watch is facing. So, while the watch would normally be set for wearing on the left wrist, with the plunger pointing towards your hand. Simply strapping the watch on the right wrist would then have that plunger pointing up the arm.

In the case of the Moto 360, and the UI orientation, you can flip the watch (on the right wrist) so the plunger faces down to the hand. Of course, it also seems like you would need to flip the band, but otherwise, it would appear the Moto 360 will be equally happy on either wrist. Wicks referred to this as being “orientation free.”



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