The Motiv Ring isn’t exactly new but we missed to feature it when it was first released. We didn’t focus our attention on the smart ring that works as a health tracker because it was only available for iOS and iPhone users. We were only waiting for Android support and this week, we’ve got good news for you: Motiv Ring now works with Android. The Motiv Ring can be availed by Android users but it’s still part of an open beta program.  

This means the functions and features may not work perfectly yet. You may encounter bugs as the development team is still testing and still working on the kinks. Not all features will be available but the Android app will continue to expand from time to time.

The open beta program means you can try the features. If you see any errors or problems, feel free to report them to Motiv’s development and testing team. Those bugs must be squashed so do not hesitate to help and contact Motiv. This will definitely be a big help to the support team to ensure a smoother and hassle-free public launch. If you don’t mind minor problems on a new app, then you are more than welcome to download the Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker straight from the Google Play Store. The app is still unreleased though.

The Motiv Ring is an activity tracker that is always on. Wear it on your finger and similar to a fitness smartwatch, this can track your health, physical activities, calories, distance, and sleep. The Android Open Beta Program can only do the following, at least, for now:

• Last Heart Rate
• Resting Heart Rate tracking and daily overview
• Resting Heart Rate details
• Step and activity tracking for walking and running; daily overview
• Sleep tracking and daily overview

Here are some of the Android phones that can support the Motiv Ring initially: HTC Google Pixel, HTC Google Pixel 2, LG Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy 7, Galaxy 8, Galaxy 8+, and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Buy a Motiv Ring from HERE. Available for $199 a pop.

Download Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker from the Google Play Store