If you thought smartwatches were already too small to actually read notifications from your smartphone, then you’ll be surprised or amazed at what tech companies have and will come up with. One new product that will be launched at the IFA 2014 in Berlin this week can fit right onto your hand. The MOTA SmartRing is the first of its kind, as it allows you to see your latest notifications just by glancing at your finger.

The SmartRing has the ability to display your notifications in text form and you can scroll through them as fast or as slow as you want. For now, it can show you when you’ve received incoming calls, text messages, emails and calendar notifications. It doesn’t mean you’ll actually be able to read those messages, but just see from whom they’ve come from and so you can attend to the important ones first. You can pair it with any Android device so you can start discreetly receiving your notifications.

There is also an app for your paired device which will let your SmartRing receive notifications from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and pretty soon, Instagram, LinkdIn and Uber. This tiny gadget will allow you to be updated with your notifications if you are traveling or in a meeting and the user has the power to enable and disable the audible and tactile alerts. MOTA co-founder Kevin Faro said they wanted users to have a “super easy and natural way” to be updated with their communication activities on their devices.

The pricing for the MOTA SmartRing has yet to be announced ahead of its launch at the IFA 2014. But it will be available in North America by late 4th quarter this year so it might serve as the perfect gift for those looking for a ring, at least, the digital kind.

SOURCE: Market Wired