These days, almost any driver has a smartphone they’d want to always be within reach, or even within sight. However, not everyone is keen on setting up a phone mount to mar their mostly flawless dash. That’s where MOTA comes in. It smartphone mount isn’t something you stick, whether with adhesive or suction, on a surface. Instead, you simply attach it to your car’s air vents. Now you can keep on enjoying, safely of course, your smartphone without ruining the beauty of your dashboard.

The MOTA Car Air Vent mount securely fastens to vents, whether horizontal or vertical. The mount’s swivel and 360-degree rotation lets you adjust your smartphone to your preferred position and orientation. The metal adjustable rods securely keep your smartphone in place and can accommodate phones of any size.

Available in black and white color options, this simple yet ingenious mount will only set you back $13.99, a 53% discount from its original $30 price tag.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just concerned with your driving enjoyment. We’re even more concerned with your safety. Hopefully there won’t come a time when you’ll need it, but when accidents do strike, you might want to have the necessary evidence to make your case. Drive Time’s Hi-Res DashCam has got you covered. Simply turn it on and it will start recording. It has its own G-Sensor so that even if it’s off, when the car suddenly jolts it will resume recording. The DashCam comes with an 8 GB microSD card that can record up to 2 hours of footage, but it can accommodate up to 32 GB for more hours.


Usually $95, the Drive Time Hi-Res DashCam can be yours at 71% off for only $26.99. Together, you only need to spend $41 for both pleasure and safety wherever the road takes you!