The gadget godfather over at the Wall Street Journal is Walter Mossberg. This is a geek of a different color than us normal folks and one review good or bad from Mossberg can make or break a new product on the market. More than one bad review from Mossberg has heralded the demise of the dreams of sales glory for a manufacturer.

Mossberg has laid his hands on the LG G-Slate tablet that we have talked about before. The G-Slate sells for about $750 with no data contract. He noted in the review that the tablet performs pretty well overall. However, the real killer comment for LG was this one, “The G-Slate isn’t as good a tablet as the iPad 2. I’d only recommend it for people who want the higher cellular speeds, or who prefer Android.”

If you don’t care what Mossberg thinks you can get the tablet right now. It’s got nice hardware with a dual-core Tegra processor and Android 3.0 as the OS. The screen is an 8.9-inch unit that is multi-touch compatible and it will show 3D content if you wear glasses. The tablet is Google certified as well and has a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera.

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