GOOGLE Smart Home SHED Types and Traits

Google is really serious about going deeper into the smart home game. It introduced the SHED system, short for Smart Home Entertainment Device. It’s a new system of smart home devices that includes a TV, remote, and set-top box. It also involves traits such as MediaState, AppSelector, TransportControl, Volume, and InputSelector. More traits and types have been added by the tech giant. When it comes to the smart home industry, Google also has an advantage because of the Google Assistant and the fact that it knows everything about the Android system.

The goal of the system has always been to add more device types and traits that work with the original set. With more being added to the list, this means possibly a more complete solution. That is how solutions are made. When more types and traits are implemented on more devices, the next level of having more devices and media controls can be accessed is achieved.

Google has introduced new Smart Home device types. These devices expand the options for SHED. They are as follows: streaming box, soundbar, streaming stick, audio-video receiver, speaker, and streaming soundbar. ‘Channel’ is a new trait that Google also just added. Expect more will be added in the next round of updates.

Most requirements offer something new to the system. Meanwhile, device types require service to report playbackState and activityState via the ReportState API. All these ensure mobile consumers are provided the best quality experience all the time. They also enhance portability between the devices. The Google Assistant is also helped in understanding user intents.

The end-goal always is an improved device targeting playback command fulfillment and better smart home action. Learn more about Google’s Smart Home efforts HERE and HERE.