The boys at SamMobile are at it again, releasing newly uncovered versions of the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the international version of the Galaxy S II. Two new versions are available, running Android 4.0.1 and 4.0.3, with the labels I9100XXKP4 and I9100XKP8. It’s not clear why you’d choose the earlier ROM, but they probably chose to include it for the sake of completeness. These are the official Samsung software updates in alpha/beta form, complete with the TouchWiz interface – for better or worse.

The ROMs themselves don’t seem to have any dramatic additions from the earlier leak, though some users are reporting slight speed and stability increases. The frequency of leaks is a good indication that Samsung is making fast progress on a final version of the update. An OTA release in March is possible, though of course we’d like to see one sooner than that. Americans should keep in mind that these are for the international model, and probably won’t work on the various carrier-specific editions of the Galaxy S II in the United States.


That being the case, I’d recommend cautious optimism to those who intend to wait for the official update. We’ve all become far too familiar with carriers’ tendency to slow down (and in some cases completely bogart) the OTA update process, to say nothing of their requirements and included apps. Still, he who hesitates is lost: ROM junkies, follow the download and install instructions at the source link. Remember to keep a Nandroid backup handy.

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[via Phandroid]