Just a few hours after the non-final render showing the back view of the LG G4 was leaked on Twitter, we now get a few more images showing other angles of the upcoming new flagship. If the first picture kind of looked just like the current flagship, the LG G3, the front and side view now reveal that it just might be different in the sense that it carries the slightly curved design that the LG Flex series is famous for.

The curved LG smartphones have been in existence for some time now with the LG Flex and the newer LG Flex 2. But if these leaked renders are actually true, then this will be the first time that their flagship will have that kind of design. This has probably in the pipeline for the OEM even before the recently-concluded World Mobile Congress. But seeing the initial success of the dual curved Samsung Galaxy S6 edge may have spurred LG to create buzz around their soon-to-be-announced smartphone.

Based on the images, the LG G4 will just be slightly curved, less than the curvature of the Flex series (the LG G Flex2 boasts of its four curves). Rumors have also been making the rounds that the upcoming flagship will have a metal construction and may even run on an LG-made processor. But it may also run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, it might have a QHD display and its camera may have 16 megapixels.

While the non-final renders might be close to the actual images of the smartphone when it comes out, everything is still speculation at this point. The expected release of the LG G4 is this spring, so we should expect an initial announcement sometime soon.

VIA: Nowhereelse.fr