This time the leaked accessories are for the highly anticipated HTC EVO 4G. This device isn’t even out and there are some great looking surprises in store for potential buyers. The only thing missing from the list is carrying cases and pricing.

Engadget has gotten their hands on the above screen shot. The two things I would like to know more about are the car dock and the HDMI video dock. I wonder if HTC will include Bluetooth capabilities in the car dock like Google has done with the Nexus One. The screen is so massive on this device that is will look awesome as a GPS receiver. Can you imagine watching movies on this thing in the car? Maybe they can integrate the HDMI to work with existing Head units that will turn this device into another monitor or maybe even a park assist monitor. The choices are endless, hopefully they can do something special with this dock.

The HDMI video dock is also interesting. This will likely just be an easy way to link your phone to your television or other monitor that has an HDMI jack for viewing videos. Or, you might be able to control your entire home entertainment system from the device, the big screen on this handset will make for a great universal remote. More information on these accessories should be out shortly.