Google Stars, the leaked project aimed at cataloging your favorite Internet things, has another leak showing us a bit more about its utility. Simple in aim, Stars could be one of the more widespread Google utilities in use upon launch. We now see the extent of what Google is working on with Stars, and a bit more about how social it could be.

There isn’t a whole lot to be explained with Stars; it’s like Pocket, sans reading. The interface is a bit like Drive for the web, wherein you can save your favorite pages in a card-based environment. Always private, Google also allows you to share folders you create via the same method we’re currently used to with Drive: make it public, then share a link.

What seems to be a neat way to catalog bookmarks (you bookmark something in Chrome by highlighting the star, after all) could lead to much more. We’re still not sure what Stars will end up being, and Florian Kiersch — the guy who is ‘dogfooding’ Stars, and responsible for these leaks — says it’s not certain if what he’s seeing is final in any way.

Stars could end up being a true cataloging for your web content, replete with a simplified interface or preview window, but that isn’t known yet. What it is right now is a new way to find and share bookmarks, which is either really unnecessary or leading into something extensively cool. We can’t tell just yet.

Source: Google+