While Amazon still has not made an official word of their plans stepping into the Application Market, an App Store Distribution Agreement has been sent out. The terms and conditions are pretty thorough and similar to what we heard a few days back. Among them, the royalties for app placement in the store is “equal to the greater of (i) 70% of the purchase price or (ii) 20% of the List Price.”

This royalty structure as well on top of a $99 dollar annual fee gets your app in the Amazon Android Market. However, it’s not that simple. Amazon still has the right to edit your code, modify and add binaries of their own, and add their own form of DRM on your form of apps. As of now this is planned to be US only, no word yet on worldwide availability.

You can check out the full (restrictive & lengthy) contract here, and we are almost sure to hear official word from Amazon on this process in the coming days.

[Via SlashGear]