This week at the Google I/O 2018, the tech giant will be detailing some of its newest products and services. The Android P is one of its main offerings and we’re excited for this to roll out to more devices. Android P Beta is smarter and simpler and it’s also more open to the future. It depends on machine learning so expect the latest features and improvements to deliver the stuff most mobile consumers really need. After the Developer Preview, we have the Beta version ready for some of the newest flagship phones such as the Essential Phone, Sony Xperia XZ2, Nokia 7 Plus, Pixel/XL, Pixel 2/2 XL, Oppo R15 Pro, VIVO X21/Vivo X21UD, and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S.

New Actions will be available in the coming weeks as the Assistant develops to become more visual and conversational. With over 500 million Google Assistant-supported devices, the tech giant has a bigger responsibility to make things better. There are now over one million Actions ready.

The Actions on Google program helps developers improve on their own Actions with the right tools and upgrades. The idea is these Actions on Google can get discovered, as well as, be available in more languages, and be more visually creating and creative.

Android developers are encouraged to build more Actions for their apps and for the Assistant. You can extend app experiences by thinking first how Actions can support an app whether right on the phone, smart speaker, car, smartwatch, or inside a smart home. You can easily do so with account linking.

Google Play subscriptions can be enjoyed with Actions support. Feel free to upgrade to a premium version of any content or app right on an Assistant-powered device. Since smart displays have started to enter the game, expect the Assistant to allow fully customizable visuals for them. Actions for visual surfaces can be customized now. Edit the typeface, choose a color theme, and control the background image

We also heard about App Actions and this one is said to raise app visibility to users. It offers a smarter experience as its bases suggestions on recent usage and depends on machine learning. It will be ready for developers soon. (Sign-up here)

Some other major developments and changes available include the following:

• Better testing
• Establishing daily routines
• Mapping your Actions to users’ queries with built-in intents
• Promoting your Actions from anywhere a link works
• Voice transactions on smart speakers
• A redesigned Actions console
• Improvements to the directory
• Google Assistant SDK for devices
• Account Linking via Voice

SOURCE: Google Developers Blog