Printing is one task we know many people dread but because of smartphones, it has become an easier activity. There are those that prefer the old way of using scanners or multi-function printers that scan-copy-print but admit it or not, it can be difficult for Android users to print documents. Because of the different types and models from dozens of manufacturers out there, some mobile devices are not easily compatible. One ideal solution would be this new but unreleased app from Mopria Alliance: the Mopria Scan app.

A group of smartphone and printer manufactures came up with an app that offers improved printer support for Android. The goal is to make printing easier with a standardized connectivity between smartphones and printers. You only need the Mopria Scan app to save documents you want to print right from a mobile device.

From the app, you can select the options for printing including the type of document, resolution, or if it should be in color or black and white. When scanning, you can also set to PDF or PNG, select scan sare, or re-print a scan.

The app runs best on Android 8.0 Oreo and allows you to do several things like: Initiate scan from the Mopria Scan application and others apps (email, file browsers, etc.), select scan resolution or format, select color or B/W, search  scanners automatically over Wi-Fi, add scanners manually using IP address, select scan area, edit scan file name, and of course, save/share/print scans.

Download Mopria Scan from the Google Play Store (Unreleased)