Having a wireless charging mat at home or your office can be a boon for users that have multiple devices and need to share all those outlets and cords with several other people. Battery powerhouse mophie has released a new product called the 4-in-1 wireless charging mat which will allow you to charge up to four Qi-enabled devices like smartphones and truly wireless earbuds, no matter what the brand is. Well, actually, you can charge up to 5 as it has an extra USB-A port at the back for any USB-powered device, including your smartwatch charger.

There are several wireless charging mats out there already but mophie’s has several features that may make it more attractive to users. The surface of the mat has markings so you can follow it when placing your smartphones and earbuds cases but it also has multiple charging coils so you don’t need to guess where to put your devices on the mat’s surface. You can power up any smartphone or earbuds case as long as it supports the Qi charging standard.

There is also that USB-A port at the back which you can use to charge a 5th device if needed. So if you have a smartwatch as well, you can connect the charger here and juice up your device alongside your smartphone and your earbuds. For Apple Watch users, the mat comes with a special adapter so you can also charge your smartwatch here. So really, it’s a 5-in-1 device if you want to be more specific.

The wireless charging mat can “safely deliver” up to 10W of power to each of the devices. It can also charge through the lightweight cases of your devices if it’s up to 3mm thick. The centralized space and the wireless factor means you will be able to charge all those devices more conveniently anywhere in your home or your office or in your home office. No need to fight over the outlets and the cords.

The mophie 4-in-1 wireless charging mat is now available on their website and other major retailers. It will cost you just $149.95 and it already comes with a two-year limited lifetime warranty.