When you first saw the news that Palm was making a comeback, you might have found it either ridiculous or exciting. The folks over at mophie apparently felt the latter as they have now announced that they are releasing a juice pack for the tiny smartphone and also a powerstation keychain that you can carry around like a, well, keychain and this time it’s for other USB-C devices. Whether you think it’s funny that they are doing so or you think that it’s awesome you’ll have accessories for your new Palm, these power extenders are now here.

mophie releases juice packs for almost every major smartphone so it looks like they consider the Palm one of the major ones. The 900mAh integrated battery will give your device up to 13 hours of juice. It also serves as a case for your smartphone with its polycarbonate shell protecting it from the usual drops that come with using a device, especially a tiny one like this. It’s also Qi-compatible so it will work with compatible wireless charging pads which can power both the phone and the juice pack.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to bulk up your Palm, you can always recharge it with the new powerstation keychain. It has a 1,200mAh battery and can actually power up any USB-C device, giving it an additional 8 hours of power. It’s called a keychain because it comes with a carabiner so you can attach it to your bag, purse, or keys.

You can get the Palm juice pack for $59.95 while the powerstation keychain is priced at $39.95. You can buy them through mophie’s online store. You can also get the juice pack through Verizon, the official carrier of the Palm device.

SOURCE: mophie, Verizon