These days, it’s not just your smartphone or tablet that need a little bit of extra juice when you’re on the move or traveling. Laptops, ebook readers, camera batteries, Go Pros, etc all need to be recharged and when you don’t have a power outlet nearby, charging it is a problem. Enter the new mophie powerstation AC and all your problems will supposedly be solved (well as long as the universal battery has charge of course). It is a high-capacity extremal battery that allows you to plug in devices that normally plug into a wall outlet.

The powerstation AC has a 22,000 mAh battery so that’s a lot of juice. You can plug in your laptops and other devices that are compatible with the 100W AC output. It claims to be able to extend the battery of your MacBook to 15 hours. You can also juice up the usual USB powered devices, and also has a USB-C output, which several brands now use for their gadgets.

You also get Priority+ Charging which will prioritize the charging of devices connected to the USB-A port before it recharges. The powerstation also has a premium fabric wrap so it still looks good for all the power it provides and also protects the battery from scratches when you need to stow it away somewhere.

A battery like this will not come cheap of course. The mophie powerstation AC will cost you $199.95, but if you travel and work a lot, this will come in really handy. It’s now available on their online store so you can already get yours today.

SOURCE: mophie