With a branding such as “Life Companion”, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is expected to be where you are, always ready to record life’s unexpected and serendipitous moments. You don’t want to be tethered to a wall or switching batteries just when you need it the most. That is where Mophie’s latest Juice Pack for the Galaxy S 4 comes in.

Samsung‘s current flagship is definitely something special, which we ourselves have experienced in our review. Samsung expects people to really use the device whenever and wherever, and it expects them to eat through the battery like no other. That’s why they included a 2600 mAh battery to supply that need. Sure, the battery is replaceable, but that involves an amount of downtime that could let precious moments pass you by. Mophie Juice Pack offers a practical and useful alternative.

To those not familiar with Mophie’s products, the Juice Pack is basically a smartphone case with a built-in 2300 mAh battery. With just a flick of a switch, the Juice Pack charges up the Galaxy S 4 when and where you need it. Aside from a battery pack, the Juice Pack also provides ample protection without adding considerable bulk, removing the need to constantly put on and take off the case just to put on some other protective cover. An included micro-USB cable allows users to charge both the Galaxy S 4 and the Juice Pack at the same time, or connect the device to computer.

There is one caveat though. The thickness of the case blocks out NFC signals, making that feature unusable, which may dismay some but not others. The Mophie Juice Pack for the Galaxy S 4 is now available on Mophie’s online store for just $99.99.

SOURCE: Mophie
VIA: Engadget