If you’re tired of having to lug around a portable battery and wires to make sure your phone is always juiced when you’re outside, the leading external battery brand has something new that could work for you. The mophie juice pack connect lets you wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled smartphone just by attaching itself through an anchor and then detaching itself when charged sufficiently. You can also wirelessly charge the juice pack itself on any Qi-enabled stand or pad.

The new mophie juice pack connect has a 5,000mAh battery that can give up to 70% extra battery on any Qi-supported smartphone including the latest models from Google and Samsung. It comes with an anchor that you attach to your smartphone and then the juice pack slides into it to start powering up your device. Once you’ve finished charging or you have enough power that you can use, you just slide it off.

It also comes with a grip that attaches to the anchor so you can have a better grip on your phone. And when you’re not using the battery pack, it can also double as a stand so you can watch videos or browse through your apps without having to hold the device. The anchor system makes both the battery and the grip easily attachable and detachable to your smartphone. And this does not add any bulk to your phone at all.

The juice pack can be charged wirelessly if you have a Qi-enabled stand or pad but it also has a USB-C port so you can charge it or charge another device if it has enough juice. You will also be able to wirelessly charge your smartphone even if it has a case, as long as it is lightweight enough for the power to course through. The juice pack connect box has two connect adapters, the connect stand, a USB-A to USB-C cable as well as an installation kit.

The mophie juice pack connect will be available on mophie.com and other leading retailers. It comes in just a black color and will cost you $79.95.