Whenever a new major smartphone is released in the market, you can expect that mophie will come out with a juice pack specifically for the new device. It’s the turn of the Google Pixel XL to be all mophied-out and this time, not only will it give the extra battery needed by your phone, it even has support for wireless charging as well. It is currently available at their online store and will cost you $99.95, which is their average price for most mophie juice packs.

When you use the mophie juice pack as your Pixel XL’s case, you will get 50 hours more of talk time with its 2950mAh battery. As mentioned, it also has support for wireless charging, which includes QI and the other wireless charging systems. And in case you don’t have a wireless charging pad, you can still charge the juice pack and your phone quickly through the USB-C port with its fast-charging speeds at 15W. It has priority charging so that your phone is the one that’s juiced up first before the juice pack battery.

Recently, mophie also released juice pack battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The cases are also compatible with wireless charging solutions, including the mophie charge force accessories, QI, and other systems. The Galaxy S8 pack has a 2950mAh battery to give 33 more hours of talk time and the Galaxy S8+ has 3300mAh for 39 hours talk time.

All these juice packs for the Google Pixel XL and the two Samsung flagship devices are available at mophie.com. They cost $99.95 each, which may be a bit steep but if you’re convinced of mophie’s quality, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

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