While the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a better than before battery life with its 4000mAh capacity, there are probably times when heavy users will still run out of juice for their device during their regular work day or when they’re traveling. mophie, one of the leading brands when it comes to extending our phones’ battery life, has announced a juice pack for the new phablet, as expected. It will give you up to 50% more than what your actual phone battery promises.

The mophie juice pack battery case for the Galaxy Note 9 serves as both your device’s protective case and as an extended battery in case you need the extra juice. It’s not as bulky as the other protective cases as it has an ultra-slim design but it does have internal rubberized support pads that can protect your device from drops and falls. The raised corners can also protect your screen from damage and your phone from scratches.

Even if your phone is wrapped in this case, you will still have access to all your ports like your USB-C port and it will still charge on any wireless charging pad including mophie’s own stream pad. With just one push of a button, your phone will start charging if you already need extra juice for it. The same press of the button will show you the battery levels and the charge status of your case.

The mophie juice pack uses priority charging technology to give you pass-through charging speeds if you connect it through USB-C. Your phone will charge first and once that’s done, only then will the battery pack start charging. The use of this case together with your Note 9’s battery itself can give you up to 6,000mAh of power which should last you more than just one day.

The mophie juice pack battery case for the Galaxy Note 9 will be available this fall and will cost you $99.95 which is the standard with most of their products.

SOURCE: mophie