When mophie revealed the juice pack for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge last February, it came with a rather puzzling feature. It boasted of wireless charging capabilities that Samsung’s flagships already had on their own. While the case did give the smartphone an added battery boost, it might not have offered much else for that added bulk. Today, however, mophie is introducing a matching accessory that does give that case one more ability. With the Charge Force desk mount and vent mounts, not only will you be able to wirelessly charge your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you can securely mount it on your desk or car without clamps or wires as well.

The fact that the mophie juice pack for the Galaxy S7 had wireless charging of its own, compatible with the Qi standard that Samsung also uses, is probably more of a safety net. With a rather bulky case like the juice pack, the smartphone’s built-in wireless charging is likely not to work because of the added distance between charging coil in the phone and the charging pad.

With Charge Force, mophie adds a new dimension to wireless charging. Using very strong magnets, you can have that same neat look while charging your smartphone even as your device hangs vertically over your desk or in your car. The magnets also ensure that you’ve properly connected your smartphone to the charging pad. So that two features for the price of one!

Wireless charging is, admittedly, still not the go to solution for charging, despite the convenience of freedom from wires. That might continue to be the case until wireless charging technology has caught up with the power and rate offered by wired solutions. The arrival of USB C might also delay adoption a wee bit, as accessory makers like mophie start the work to support this new standard.