With the demand for different solutions to prolong the battery life of smartphones and tablets, things like mobile chargers, power banks, and mobile battery cases will continue to come up with various products for all kinds of devices. mophie, which claims to be the top mobile battery manufacturer in North America at least, has announced that it now has a juice pack specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The battery case packs 3,000mAh power capacity that can actually give your Galaxy S5 up to 100% more juice and you’ll be able to have 21 more hours of talk time (if you’re using the 3G network). If you use your smartphone for media playback, it can give you up to 67 more hours of audio or up to 13 more hours for video. It will also be able to give you up to half a day (12 hours) more if you’re using the Internet.

The battery pack uses the micro USB 3.0 port to have the pass-through charging from your phone to your case. You don’t even need to remove the battery pack from your phone to recharge it once the extra charge has run out. To make sure you don’t run out of juice, there is an embedded LED light indicator which you can check just by pushing a button. Not only does it give your Galaxy S5 a much-needed charge, it can also protect it from unexpected falls through a protective lip around the screen as well as rubberised bumpers that will absorb the shock.

It may not be the most attractive-looking phone case out there, but would you rather have a nicer-looking one but without the battery charge that your Galaxy S5 needs? If your answer is no (battery over design!), then you can purchase the mophie Galaxy S5 battery case for $99.95 (hey, 3,000 mAh doesn’t come cheap!) through their online retail store.

SOURCE: mophie