A few years ago, you probably just had one device to take all your photos and so managing and organizing them was not that difficult. But nowadays, you have multiple devices, including smartphones, action cams, DSLRs, etc. Backing it up, sorting through all of them to put them in folders, protecting them from from external threats, searching through them, sharing them, those are all more complicated things to do when you have multiple sources. A Kickstarter project tries to make things easier for you with the Monument, the “smartest photo storage and management device”.

Basically, what it does is to collect all your photos from various sources. You can back it up either using WiFi connection (through the Android app and connecting to the same network of course) or through an SD card. It will then automatically sort all the collected photos into various ways, like by face, by location, by date/time, or by camera source. And even if you haven’t properly labeled the photos, searching for items is easy as you just input keywords. The algorithm analyzes what elements are in the photos and so you don’t need to manually tag them. This is what Google Photos also does which makes searching through your thousands of photos much easier.




You will be able to view all the photos you’ve stored on your Monument device through the app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also view them on a bigger screen through an HDMI connection to your TV. As to storage capability, the device actually uses hard drives to store your photos and videos, ranging from 1Disk (1TB) to 2 Disks (2x 1TB or 2x 2TB). You don’t need to pay extra for storage, unlike with a lot of the cloud based photo storage services we have right now.

If you just take a few photos every now and then, this is something that may not be that useful for you. But if you take photos for a living or if you just have a lot of photo and video taking devices, then the Monument may be something you really need. It’s just a few thousands short of its goal of $60,000, with 38 days to go till the end of the campaign. You just have to pledge at least $99 to get a 1Disk Monument and that is $110 off the suggested retail price of $209.

SOURCE: Kickstarter