The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deserves a lot of love. If you plan on getting one, we highly recommend you get a phone case mainly because it is one very expensive smartphone. A device with that price needs to be protected. Well, for that price, we’re hoping Samsung will give a free phone case but nothing. One of the first accessories to be introduced is actually a whole lineup from Moment that integrates phone cases with the Moment Pro Camera app plus cinema-quality lenses.

Moment is introducing the Supercam line. This includes a Photo Case worth $29.99, Wide Lens ($99.99), Superfish Lens ($89.99), Leather Wrist Strap ($29.99), Lens Case ($19.99), and a 622mm Filter Mount ($39.99). All these accessories can be used with the new Galaxy Note 9 for a more powerful mobile photography experience.

The phone case is available in either walnut or black finish. Use it and the phone will then be compatible with most of the lenses from Moment except for the original version. We know more accessories will be released for Samsung but Moment is proud to be the first to make an important announcement.

This early rollout is possible with the Samsung Accessory Program. We’re assuming Moment started working with Samsung earlier than other companies and suppliers.

The Moment phone case features a slim and minimalistic design with rubber material so the device is protected from scratches and drops. If you want to feel more secure holding your phone, there’s a wrist strap available.

What’s good about the phone case is that it supports Moment’s available lenses that will help create cinematic effects like a shallower depth of field. This also includes an updated mounting option.

As soon as you receive your Note 9, download the Moment Pro camera app to enjoy RAW shooting manual controls plus advanced video modes. Order the Moment phone case now so you’ll be ready once the Note 9 is available.

SOURCE: Moment