If you’re serious (or experimental) about mobile photography, you’re probably familiar with the Moment smartphone lenses. However, they were only available for Pixel devices and then recently for high-end Samsung smartphones only. If you’re a OnePlus user and Moment wannabe user, then now your photographic dreams will come true as they announced the availability of lenses for OnePlus 6 and soon for the OnePlus 6T. This means you’ll be able to play around more with your photos and videos.

The first step towards making your phone more versatile and powerful at least in terms of its camera is to get a Moment Photo Case for your OnePlus 6. You can choose between the Black Canvas and the Walnut Wood color variants. Then you’ll be able to attach the lenses to your phone. You can choose from among the Wide 18mm lens, Superfish lens, the Tele 58mm lens, or even an anamorphic lens. Or you can just get them all and use when needed.

The more recently launched OnePlus smartphone, the OnePlus 6T will also be getting its phone case and support for the various Moment lenses. However, it will only be arriving in February of next year so you will have to make do with your “normal” camera lens for now.

The Photo Cases have also been improved like the inner geometry is now better equipped to handle falls and drops and the introduction of fiberglass into their lens interface. The edge of the phone will also now be covered but you can of course still plug in your headphones, cables, and even attach a wrist strap (which they are also selling in the Moment store).

The OnePlus Photo Case will cost you $29.99 while the lenses are priced between $89.99 – $99.99 each. You can buy them through Moment’s online store now.

SOURCE: Moment