Mobile photography has grown leaps and bounds not just in terms of our smartphones’ specs but even more so with the accessories and apps that are available out there right now. If you’re into the whole getting more tools to add to your mobile device, then Moment is a brand that may be familiar with you. It is famous for its camera lenses and cases for high end devices like the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, and iPhones. But now they’re adding more dimension to their brand by redesigning their app into a tool that can actually turn your smartphone into a sort of DSLR camera.

The app is not just meant to be an editing tool for your photos but even more so, it is meant to replace your smartphone’s default camera. You have all the pro controls that you can ask for, just like you would if you’re using an actual DSLR camera. You can control things like exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, etc. The sliders are still pretty easy to figure out even if you’re a newbie to all of these manual controls.

It allows you to shoot in the RAW format so that editing is better and can get more granular if that’s what you want to do. It can analyze your photo metadata just like what a DSLR can do. It also gives you a live histogram so you can quickly determine what your histogram is like. The app also has Level tools so you can line up your perfect shot, whether it’s Horizon, Macro or Sky levels. The focus control is also pretty good and you can choose between manual focusing or you can just tap to focus if you want something more automatic.

Despite all of these complicated sounding controls and features, the app’s UI is actually pretty clean and easy to follow, whether you’re a beginner or you’re already familiar with DSLR-like controls. And if you’re already a Moments lens user, there’s a section in the app where you can input which of their lens you’re currently using. They’re also working on adding support for the Pixel Visual Core but this may be relevant for Pixel 2 users for now.

The only thing that’s kind of disappointing with the Moment app for Android devices is that it only lets you take photos for now. There is no support yet for video recording but they said they’re working on adding it soon. So for now, be content with taking beautiful pictures through the app. You can check out the video to see how actual photographers are using the app. You can download the Moment Pro app from the Google Play Store for $1.99.


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