MOGA unveiled their latest game controllers a few months earlier and it looks like they have finally arrived for pre-order. And while there hasn’t been a firm release date revealed just yet, there is a bit more of a narrowed timeframe available. The earlier announcement had these new Power Series controllers coming in the fall. Well, as of today the pre-order listing is showing a mid-October shipping time.

The MOGA Power Series consists of the MOGA Hero and the MOGA Pro Power. These controllers are priced at $59.99 and $79.99 respectively. As implied by the power in the name — these will both keep your device charged while you game. The Hero has an 1800 mAh battery and the Pro Power has a 2200 mAh battery. These are both rechargeable batteries and both controllers ship with a USB charging cable and MOGA Boost charging cable.

Similar to the earlier MOGA controllers these new models will work with Android 2.3 or later and connect to your smartphone (or tablet) using a Bluetooth connection. At present there are more than 125 compatible games and MOGA makes things easy by using the Pivot app.

This app is available (for free) by way of the Google Play Store and basically just pulls in any compatible games that you already have installed. It also points to other games so you can expand your collection and get some new games to play. Otherwise, while the Hero and Pro Power controllers each have a different look and feel in-hand, they each offer goodies to include dual-clickable analog sticks, shoulder buttons, shoulder triggers, a D-pad and four action buttons.

Bottom line here, if you have been itching to get an Android game controller but wanted something that would not only be good for gaming but also for power — these MOGA Power Series controllers seem like a good option to consider.

SOURCE: Business Wire