Smartwatches (well most of them) are some of the prettiest gadgets that you can own. But if you think that the accessories to your accessory are a bit of a clunker, then you would agree with Aerios, a tech design firm from Australia, that even those things should be attractive in itself. The Moduul LG G Watch Charging Dock gets rid of the cheap and plastic accessories and replaces them with something more aesthetically-pleasing but still as effective as their ugly counterparts.

The LG G Watch is one of the first smartwatches to be on the Android Wear platform and looks to be one of the better-looking devices out there. So naturally, it should be docked in something that is gorgeous-looking as well. The dock has an anodised aluminium stand which you can get in either black with walnut timber or silver with oak premium finish.

The charging device also has a micro suction pad on its underside so that there will be no danger of it moving around when you’re charging your LG G Watch. The Moduul’s charging block will also fit exactly inside the dock so no worries about your smartwatch suddenly falling out.

Their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo has not yet reached their target goal of AUS$1,600 although they still have 24 days left in their campaign. But they claim that even if they do not meet their target, they will still be able to produce and distribute it to those who have already supported the project. They will start shipping to early bird backers by November this year and targeting to finish all deliveries by December.