More goodies for all you people that have upgraded (stolen) Froyo, Mochi Media will be launching a Flash 10.1 based site that will offer a variety of games. If you have Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 installed, you will soon have access to a new source of great games.

The site, will feature more than 25 games and will be available upon the release of Google’s next version of Android (“FroYo”) phones. The site features mobile-optimized versions of puzzle game Biomass, card game Magic Towers Solitaire and strategy game Wheekling, as well as other puzzle, strategy and shooter games

Flash 10.1 brings a whole new realm of exciting things in the world of Android. These games are one of those things that gives Android a leg up on a few other platforms, one of which my never reap the benefits of this type of experience (Apple). You love having Flash 10.1 on your device yet?