Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Concept Image

New Mobvoi TicWatch models are in the works. Apart from the audio recorder and AI transcription service we mentioned last year, Mobvoi has been working on new TicWatch wearables. Next to be introduced may be the TicWatch E3. A TicWatch GTH may also follow that will be available in more countries compared to previous models. The watches may still run on WearOS so global launch can also be expected.

There is no formal and official announcement by Mobvoi yet by some details were spotted during an APK teardown. The Mobvoi wearable companion app was recently updated and it brings a number of new features and enhancements. Upon scrutinizing the code of the app, there was a mention there of a ‘ TicWatch GTH’.

There is a TicWatch GTH but it’s only available in China. Now the watch is believed to be available in other countries outside of China soon. The Mobvoi website isn’t keeping it a secret. You will see there the TicWatch GTH will be coming soon. Launch date is today, April 13, Tuesday, 7:30AM PDT.

The earlier APK teardown has also revealed an image of a TicWatch E3. It can be assumed it’s a new smartwatch model, a follow-up to the TicWatch E2 released in January 2019.

As for the TicWatch GTH, we can mention its specs and features. The watch runs on a 260mAh battery and features a 1.55-inch display with 360 x 320 resolution. It looks like an OPPO Watch and an Apple Watch. It doesn’t run on WearOS.