We’ve gotten hints and leaks that we’re about to get a new TicWatch, most likely the TicWatch E3. But before the official announcement of the new smartwatch, what we’re getting now is an updated Mobvoi app to prepare for the new product, or maybe even products. The app update brings a brand new and improved user interface as well as some new features like personal fitness report and TicCare. The new features don’t seem to be live yet so maybe the announcement of the app update will be done alongside the new smartwatch and maybe new audio devices.

When you update the Mobvoi app, you’ll see a much better UI to make it easier to track your goals with your connected wearables. XDA Developers gives a preview of what the updated UI looks like. You’ll immediately see at the top of your Home page your progress with things like your weekly high-intensity interval training goal. You also get a link to the new “badge center” and cards that give you an overview of your health and fitness data.

On the devices page, you’ll see an image of the device that you’ve added or connected to the app. The cards have uniform size and placement now and the graphs look better and more readable as it switches to a light background and now have cards to separate each one. There are also new exercise options now, specifically Badminton, Glute Bridge, Burpee, High knees, High Intensity Interval Training, Jumping Jack, Mountain Climber, Open Water Swimming, Pilates, Plank, Reverse Crunch, Skating, Squat Jump, Squat Punch, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Rotary Climber.

However, the new features indicated in the changelog don’t seem to be working just yet. The fitness and health report section as it just opens to an empty Webview. Most likely, it hasn’t gone live yet and may be featured during the launch event. Another new feature, the TicCare service will let you share with family members or friends your exercise and health information if you want someone else to keep track of that data.

Some noticed that the yet unannounced TicWatch E3 is one of the devices that can be added to the app. There are also strings for some other unannounced devices like the TicPods Free Pro, probably an updated version of the TicPods Free, and something called TicPods Solo. We’ll know more at Mobvoi’s launch event this week.