When you do a lot more with your tablet than just the occasional light web browsing, being able to hold a 7 or 10-inch slate in various positions with ease becomes a challenge. Whether you’re browsing the web, gaming, reading a few Google Play magazines and more you’ll want to consider the Hello Mobio Grip. As we’re big fans here so far.

Instead of only using the standard method of holding the bezels, being able to grip the back with ease is extremely comfortable. Especially during those long gaming or reading sessions. We all know extended use of tablets can sometimes get tiring on the wrists. Meet the Mobio Grip, which gives you a durable steel and aluminum ball to easily and safely hold with ease.

The Grip is more designed for tablets and bigger phablets, while the Mobio Go is for smartphones, which also makes mounting and maneuvering in a car quite easy too. The Mobio Grip is a precision-made handle that can be put on or removed in seconds. It double as a stand for your tablet too, so long as you attach it in a centered position. My main thing was being able to palm the back of my tablet with the Mobio safely sitting between my fingers. It makes it quite comfy.


This allows users to easy carry or hold the tablet no matter the angle, all with one hand. The Mobio Grip uses an industrial magnet that is completely safe for the device, as well as durable 3M adhesive for the base to adhere to your device. While the go option was a bit big for our taste on a smartphone, using the Grip on a tablet was perfect.

Both options from Mobio are available today from Hello Mobio and will run you $34.95 thanks to the high-grade lightweight aluminum and precision design. More pictures are available below for those interested.