Canadian wireless customers have a new option when considering their service needs. Mobilicity has gone all-in with a $30/month everything plan. The plan includes unlimited everything, as well as some roaming for North America. It also has unlimited long distance to North America, so those calls across the border won’t add up so fast.

When Mobilicity says unlimited, they mean it. Data, Talk, Text — even global texting — is included. You’ll also get the standard Voicemail and Caller ID, so it’s not much of a compromise. Well, not much until you consider the satellite concerns.

The newest and boldest Canadian carrier has some issues to overcome, and is in the midst of a downturn. They are actively pursuing a sell-off, or acquisition. TELUS has been rumored to be the main suitor for Mobilicty, but nothing has been revealed as of yet. TELUS has tried a few times to at least acquire spectrum, but the governing bodies in Canada are taking it a bit slower than some would like.

For consumers interested in switching, this may be a good deal. If any buyout occurs, we’d think the plan would be grandfathered in, leaving you with unlimited everything for $30/month. In a time when unlimited data is going away, and things like VoIP loom on the horizon, this might be the smartest bet one could make moving forward.