If you’ve ever wished you could attach your phone to a tripod or have a simple-yet-effective stand for your tablet, then you might want to head over to Kickstarter and toss a few dollars at the MobileMount+. We’ve heard of the MobileMount before, with the original netting more than $100,000 in a Kickstarter campaign, but now it’s time for the MobileMount+ to shine. MobileMount+ is comprised of two suction cups and one threaded 1/4″ 20 ball joint, meaning that simplicity is key here.

Those suction cups allow you to, say, attach your phone to your car windshield so you can use it as a GPS without constantly having to take your eyes off the road. If you want to watch a movie on your tablet, you can stand it up with the MobileMount+, letting you watch it hands-free. Finally, the suction cups are detachable, which allows you attach the threaded ball mount onto any standard camera tripod.

It definitely sounds like a handy little piece of equipment, but manufacturer J & M Company needs your help in bringing it to market. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for MobileMount+, asking for $25,000. A lot of that money will be going toward tooling and mass production, and J & M Company has 59 days to go to raise the cash.

If the MobileMount+ enjoys the same success as the original MobileMount, then raising that $25,000 should be a cake walk. Early bird backers have the chance to snag a MobileMount+ for $30, which appears to be $10 off the going rate, but there are only a limited number of early bird specials available. At the time of this writing, MobileMount+ has raised $530, so it has quite a bit more left to raise. Are you planning on backing the MobileMount+?