The MobileBench Consortium was created in 2013, when a number of companies came together with the purpose of making a benchmarking app/process that was standardized and that would be acceptable across all parts of the industry. The big players in the consortium will of course be Samsung, Intel and HP, but a number of smaller but essential players have joined up in the likes of Huawei, OPPO, SanDisk, and Marvell among others. Their app – called MobileBench – is now out on Google Play.

Benchmarking is an iffy subject. Nonetheless, outfits like AnTuTu and GFXBench are some of the major players in the area. The problem is that there is no standardized process across these apps. MobileBench aims to provide an alternative to these app, hyping on the standardized nature of its process.

MobileBench will still be providing devices with stress tests on their major elements, like the processor, memory, storage, and graphics. How different their process will be to the other benchmarking apps out there is still up for questioning.

MobileBench also aims to benchmark user interface, and a companion app called MobileBench-UX will be coming out soon to partner with the current benchmark app. Download the app via Google Play and tell us what you think.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: MobileBench