Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the main event. We’re here at what we’re calling the Four Day Smartphone Storm aka the Android Avalanche aka the Nicely Dressed Version of CES. This is Mobile World Congress 2011 and we’re here for all four days PLUS everything before and after the events – you can catch everything here in the main news feed with one big list of keywords you can use to follow the news you want in the lower half of this post OR just keep your peepers on the big [MWC 2011] portal. Grab it all live!

We’re going to be here the entirety of the Barcelona events, us here on Android Community with the crew from our sister site at SlashGear – between the two of us there’s not a chance in heck we’re going to miss anything of interest. Start your first activities with the first three events with the first three tags on this list, moving on with the tags as the days go along. Or if you’re more of an “every news bit” sort of person, just hang out on the main news feed for the whole lot.

Sony Ericsson

This list will expand as we move on through the events, presentations, and hands-on opportunities!