For the Android user who wants to go to Walt Disney World and needs to know the wait time for certain attractions in the famous park, has a solution. Lines, a mobile website that displays estimates of wait times for every attraction at Walt Disney World.

The folks at TouringPlans have launched in the past products such as Touring Plans and the Crowd Calendar to help the visitors at Walt Disney World to efficiently tour the parks and avoid the crowds. And now, Lines is available for Android as well as for the first and second webOS phones; Palm Pre and Pixi, oh, and the fruit phone too. With this service, they will help you to “Find out how long you’ll actually wait in line for every attraction.” And not only that but you can also “Get crowd estimates, refurb data, single rider lines, & more.”

Now, when you think you are stuck and don’t know how long the line is at Space Mountain, or Frontierland, just get your Android phone out and hit (Lines) in your browser, to unleash the power of this mobile web app. Lines is free to use for a limited time, and you’ll need to subscribe to use Lines during this preview. Is anyone here planning a trip to Florida and especially to WDW, let us know in the comments if this web app worked out for you.