There have been times when I was stuck somewhere without a TV or anything to do for a while where being able to watch TV on my mobile phone would have been a great thing. Android users can now get an application that allows them to watch mobile TV.

The app is called SPB TC and is a subscription free mobile IPTV viewing that turns available digital channels form all over the world into mobile channels. The app has lots of features to make it easy to use as well.

Users can use picture-in-picture mode, check out over 100 live TV channels, use the weekly programming guide and more. Users can also set a calendar reminder go a show they want to watch that will air in the future.

[via SPBSoftware]


  1. I have tried this app but its not as good as the sling link adapter. With the sling link you can watch TV and your DVR recordings. Check it out at my job’s website!


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