My son has had a phone that he uses for a while when he is going around the neighborhood playing with friends so I know where he is and can find him when needed. I don’t worry about him calling people or texting people inappropriately as much as I worry about other people calling him and doing that sort of stuff. A new app for Android devices called Mobile Nanny has been unveiled that will allow parents to keep an eye on what kids do and what people are saying to them.

The app is able to record text messages, calls, and other activity silently and then uploads the data to the Mobile Nanny account using the web. The software also offers parents the GPS location of the phone and presumably the phone user every 15 minutes or at an adjustable interval.

The app can alert when a text with specific words in it is sent or received and the entire message can be sent to the parent. Other features include contact and photo logging, website and GPS monitoring, and you can wipe personal data if the device is lost or stolen. The downside is the cost with a year of service for $49.97.