A study from Bluevia and Vision Mobile has round that mobile developers still prefer Android over iOS. According other report 67% of developers polled code for Android and 59% of the developers code for iOS. The report also shows that the number of developers working in each platform increased this year from 59% in Android and 50% in iOS.

The report showed that the fastest growing platform for developers was HTML or JavaScript with more than 55% of the developers polled for the report working on it, up from 40% last year. The report also looked at platforms that developers plan to start using. The platform most planned to start developing for was Android at 35% and Windows Phone was next at 32%.

RIM continued to gain developers for the Blackberry platform according to the report with 45% of the developers actively coding for Blackberry. That percentage is up for 40% last year. For platforms that developers plan to drop, 40% of those developing for Symbian plan to drop it and 35% plan to stop developing Java.

[via PCWorld]