Samsung Galaxy S6

We have no idea exactly why mobile carriers in the United States are deleting several preloaded apps on the Galaxy S6 even when Samsung proudly announced at launch these mobile apps especially those from Microsoft. Some Galaxy S6 owners have reported that their units don’t have some of the apps they were expecting to see. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are believed to have removed the apps before shipping them to consumers.

Such apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store so there shouldn’t be any problem but people want to know why. Galaxy S6 owners turned to Reddit and shared their observations. BGR even asked the community to list down which apps have been deleted by each carrier. Here’s a rundown of apps removed from the Samsung Galaxy S6:

AT&T – Download Booster, Simple Sharing, Microsoft OneDrive, and Smart Manager

Verizon – Smart Manager, OneDrive, Microsoft apps (Skype, OneNote and Office Mobile)

As for T-Mobile, the company seems to have not deleted the Galaxy S6 but owners can’t delete Quick Connect and S-Finder from the drop-down menu. Disabling capacitive lights on the Galaxy S6 is also not possible.

A Verizon spokesman only said the apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store when asked about this move. No word from AT&T but we’re guessing the company would say the same thing. While I see this as a minor inconvenience, not all apps mentioned can be easily downloaded. For one, the Smart Manager cannot be download from the Google Play store so better if it’s pre-installed.



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