It may not yet be as popular or accepted as PayPal, but online bank Simple has had a steady and growing customer base, which led them to redesigning from the ground up their mobile app to serve their users better. They have started rolling out Simple 2.0 which brings to your smartphone some features that were web-based only, as well as a new look and feel for the banking app.

Probably the biggest feature to be added with v2.0 is bringing Simple Instant, something that has been available on the web version, to the mobile format. The feature allows immediate funds transfer between two Simple account holders, without having to go through the typical holding period and additional fees that some banks charge. It’s as, well, simple, as adding another account user as your contact and then transferring your money to them. This is a good way for couples, families or housemates to transfer money for shared bills and expenses.

The Goals feature of the app has also had a major overhaul. Previously on mobile, you could just move money in (or out, but that defeats the purpose) the section to save up for a big purchase like a new gadget, a vacation, or even a car. Now you can track your progress towards your goal, like how much more you need to add to finally get that brand new TV HD flatscreen you’re saving up for, how much you need to add daily to reach that by a certain date.

The new design of the app has been simplified, with a minimalist feel that focuses on basic colors and typography, which makes it easier to use on the mobile format. Simple Version 2.0 is now available to download for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Simple