Have you ever known a sport so radically inclined to numbers and data as baseball? We know of none that come even close to the dedication of a baseball fan to knowing batting averages and number of pitches thrown by their team’s starting pitcher. Translate that into a game app and you get MLB Manager 2015, possibly a micromanager’s dream app because of the sheer number of things you can manage.

Firstly, this is an official app of Major League Baseball, so for the first time, baseball buffs will be able to sim baseball action with all the current 30 MLB teams, historical logos all included. The game app will be updated with current rosters for every team as Opening Day gets closer. MLB Manager 2015 is most probably the most complete baseball managing game app to date.


As a bonus, you are able to aspire for a position higher than manager – you can become General Manager of a team. Then you can sign free agents, pull off mega-trades and call up that young player from your minor league team to give him a shot at the big time.


This is premium stuff, a baseball geek’s ultimate dream app, so you get to pay for it. MLB Manager 2015 will cost USD$0.99 cents for one season. You can save and buy a 10-season bundle for USD$4.99. But before you do that, please note that the app is not supported on phones with less than 512MB of RAM. The game is now available for purchase via the Google Play Store (see download link below).

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store