If you’re still going through some Evernote withdrawals after the disappointing changes they have made, there are a lot of apps there that are trying to replace the app in your heart. One of those trying to get your attention is MixNote NotePad Notes. Well, if you haven’t gotten it from their name itself, it is a note-taking app with almost all the other capabilities of Evernote, give or take a few items. But of course, what it’s harping upon is the fact that it’s free and has no limit on the devices you can access it from.

When you’re making a note, it’s not just text that you can use of course. You can insert pictures, add a to-do list within the note, and even record your voice in case that you find it easier than typing out your thoughts. When you’re on a call and you actually want to take notes during, shake the phone so the app will start recording your voice and it will be auto-saved as a note. As for your reminders/to-do lists, you can even put it on the home screen so you won’t easily forget it.

One thing the app doesn’t have are folders, so for organization, you’d have to make do with the tab system. Actually some people find that pretty effective and so you’ll have to learn to use it here. If privacy is important to you, you can also lock some of the notes and only you, or who you give your passcode to, can access those notes. And if you need to share your notes to other people or even in public, you can also easily do so.

It’s not a perfect Evernote replacement, but it has all the minor bells and whistles, and they will probably improve over time. You can download MixNote from the Google Play Store for free.