One of the most common things that people do with their smartphones is to use them to take photographs that can be shared online. An app called MIX by Camera360 was updated recently to version 1.0. The update brings with it lots of changes that are based on feedback from the beta version of the app.

The app has gained hi-res output for images and processing speed for applying filters and changes to images has been sped up. The app also saw minor user interface adjustments in the update. So far, Mix has been installed between 10,000 and 50,000 times, and requires Android 3.0 and up to operate.

The hallmark of the app is that it has a large variety of adjustment tools, effects, and filters for users to choose from. Some of the tools included in the app are Bokeh Blur, Selective Color Adjustment, Level Enhancement, Vignette, and others.

The app has about 200 handpicked effects and filters for users to apply to their photos before sharing. The workflow with images stored on the phone is non-destructive so if you don’t like the finished effect, you can revert to the original image without issue.

SOURCE: Google Play